Hi All, am Marilyn, I have read many blogs and thought of creating my own new blog. Since to share my experience I have opened a blog for day by day routines. It is an excellent and cheap tool to receive feedback on designs but muscles are not famous as other muscles techniques. I did my own practical by using paper, scissors, and used some coloring utensils and then I tested them with potential users. At the same this will nor suitable for all the types of projects of higher fidelity prototypes.

During my project Microsoft recommended this method for creating design applications for windows and also research institutions like recreation programs. I used this for early mobile application designs so I tested initial ideas early and quickly. I modified quickly during a session and it was really fun and easy to collaborate. I created nearly seven versions in two weeks and later I tested recreation programs. I used these paper prototypes because it can be sketched, thrown away and drawn in few minutes. Paper prototypes are ideal while I was designing for less popular devices, it was perfect to test my entire design concept without any restriction. Therefore, I had a great facilitating experience on this creativity.

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